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The annual membership is perfect for the dental office that is committed to in-office learning and saves you $4 per month.  You will have access to our entire library of on-demand courses & webinars, our live Ask the Experts, live topic webinars, and our exclusive Facebook page. BONUS: AGD CE

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$49 per month

With the monthly membership you have access to our entire online library of on-demand courses & webinars, the live Ask the Experts events, live topic webinars, and our exclusive Facebook page.  There is no contract, stay as long as you want.  BONUS: AGD/PACE CE

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Listen to why Dayna started Novonee

Working with dental teams all over the country I find that doctors and team members want to learn best practices on managing a dental practice and learn how to optimize their Dentrix software.  If you are like most people, knowing the answers and having accurate information is important. 

Dayna Johnson, Founder of Novonee

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Here is a sample of the courses included in our membership

We have over 40 online courses in our library including special guest speakers within the dental industry.

Dentrix G7.4 Update

Learn how G7.4 can improve your daily workflow. This online course is included in your membership along with over 40 others.

Let's Get on the Express Way

Stop all that clicking! Learn the most efficient way to navigate your Dentrix software. Online course included in your membership.

Treatment Planning Best Practices

Learn creating, managing and following up on treatment plans. Online course included in your membership.

Managing Membership Plans

Learn the basic and optimum setup for your in-office membership plan. Includes downloadable resource guide. 

Paperless Series

This three part series includes both admin and clinical best practices for going paperless. Included in the membership. 

Clinical Note Templates

Create custom clinical note templates so you can write up detailed documentation fast and efficiently. Included in membershp. 

New Patients

Learn best practices with new patient management and referrals. Don't let any details fall through the cracks. 

Forecasting for Next Year

Planning your goals for the next year is an important part of running a successful dental practice. Get your entire team on board with this online course included in membership.

Is my Continuing Care System Broken?

Learn the Dentrix continuing care system from the ground level and identify things in your database that might need fixing.

Perfect Day Scheduling

Create your ideal day to ensure a more productive and less stressful day.  Includes a tip sheet for added resources for your team.

Payment Allocations on the Ledger

Learn how to create more accurate reports and patient ledgers with a better understanding of payment allocation methods. 

Dealing with Ortho in Dentrix

Learn best practices with managing the ortho insurance, billing and reporting with this online course.  A resource guide is available with this course.

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Consent Forms Five Ways

Having trouble deciding where to store patient consent forms in Dentrix? Learn five places in Dentrix and help decide.

Get a Handle on your Lab Cases

Are you still tracking your lab cases manually? Learn how to manage your cases in Dentrix and create a more efficient system. This course includes a tip sheet for download.

Deep Dive into Questionnaires

Learn the versatility of using electronic forms for health history, new patients and consent forms.  This course has great tips on getting patients and the team on board. 

Medical Billing in Dentrix

Help your patients tap into their medical benefits and learn the core details of billing medical. This course includes several resource sheets for Dentrix and medical billing in general.